FaceboookDo you often use the social networking apps like Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp etc to be in touch with your friends and rest of the world. These apps has made pretty easy to communicate with each other and make us feel good that friend are around us even though they are far away from us. At the same time this Apps has made it really easy to know when someone is ignoring us or we are ignoring others. All the credit goes to read receiptsthe little notifications that tells us when someone had read your most recent message (which we find just below the send message). It is like impossible to check the message without other person knowing unless you know some really cool tricks. Here, I will so you some of the tricks to view Facebook message secretly without the sender knowing.

Some of the tricks to view Facebook message secretly

Notification Screen:

There are some apps like Facebook Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp etc that doesn’t wait for you to open the app and see the new message instead it show/pop-up on your device screen. As long as you have connected to internet (either by Wifi or Mobile Data), the message will be shown/pop-up on you device screen whether you check message or not. So, this also make us relatively easy to read the message  without actually opening the message or even going to app as the message comes instantly.

I would recommend you to enable the banner notification on you device, so every time any one message you, the message will stick/seen on your notification screen and you needn’t to open the actual messaging app to see the message.  This will be so easy for the people who don’t want to reply or just ignore the other person but also wants to see the message that other person is sending.get facebook notifications without facebook app in android

On notification screen you can see two-three delivered message. However, the increasing number of message will push the older message out of the notification screen. If you are a person who receives numbers of message constantly or let’s say rapidly then it is often difficult to read the message without opening the app as old messages got kicked-out by new message. That’s where you have to be little bit smart.

Airplane Mode:

Here is the technique (Airplane Mode) that you have to use, since the message that you want to check are no longer on your notification screen. It is on your messaging app. Actually what we want is, not to be detected by the app that we have checked the message. We don’t want app to show that little notifications (read receipts) to the sender. Thanks to Airplane Mode- it is life saving feature for the one who wants to ignore but don’t want other person to know about it.

Now all you have to do is Enable Airplane Mode in your device to cut/turn-off Internet connection. Once you have Enable this mode, you can check messages freely without worrying about read receipt. This works perfectly fine.

You can read everything on the message and the best part is that other person won’t know about it. There won’t be any read receipt on the screen of the sender even after you’ve turned off Airplane Mode and reconnected to the Internet but make sure you have closed the message before connecting to internet.

So these are some of the trick to view Facebook message secretly without the sender knowing.

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  1. Hi Kaif :1) Is it possible to see the media files, photos, videos andvoice files also in airplane mode ? does the push notificartions download these into the messanger automatically so that it can be seen in Airplane mode ?

    2) Iam sending a message to my friend. she is not my facebook friend…so i assume these message will go as message requests.
    I have a very strong feeling that she reads all my messages, and files i send without logging into facbook. . can u tell me how is she able to do that ?


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