Facebook? What’s that?” – is a question that you don’t usually hear. Released on 2004, Facebook has become one of the most used social media platform. There is almost no person who hasn’t heard about Facebook or used it one time or other. Although it’s popularity, many users are unknown about useful Facebook settings. There are in fact very few people making full use of its potential.

Useful Facebook SettingsFacebook, commonly known as FB has millions of subscribers. Unfortunately, not all of those subscribers tend to know the important and useful Facebook settings. If you are one of them or a newbie to the Facebook platform, here are some useful Facebook settings that you should use right away.

Useful Facebook Settings You Must Not Miss

#1 Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication is one of the Facebook settings, you must not miss. Facebook provides Login Alert when anyone logs into your account from a new device or a browser. However, using two-factor authentication adds extra layer of security to keep people away from logging into your account. When turned on, it requires both password and a code sent to your phone to log into your account.Useful Facebook Settings - Two-factor authentication

#2 Sync birthdays to your calendar

Having trouble remembering your Girlfriend’s birthday? Well, let Facebook keep track of it. It is really annoying to check Facebook daily just to check on birthdays. Simply, export birthdays into your calendar and never miss out on your loved ones’ birthdays. To sync,

  • Go to Facebook Home Page
  • Scroll to box (on right) that says You can add your events to Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar or Apple Calendar.”
  • Copy the link
  • Go to Google Calendar >> click Down arrow >> Add by URL
  • Paste the URLUseful Facebook Settings - Sync Calendar

Once you add the birthdays to your calendar, they will stay updated.

#3 Be in your friend’s shoes

Facebook allows you to view your own profile as one of your friends or people who follow you. With the View As option, you can see how your profile looks like to others. Go to your Profile Page >> click on “…” button (right beside View Activity Log button) >> View As. You can now see how your profile looks to other users. You can also view as some specific people. For this purpose, click on “View as specific person” at top of your profile.Useful Facebook Settings - View As

#4 Save posts for later

Some people might not have enough time to read specific posts or links. However, once they ignore it it’s almost next to impossible to find it again. Facebook provides the feature to save posts/links for future purposes to read them later. To save the posts, click the down arrow (upper right corner of post) >> tap “Save Post” or ”Save link”. You can later view these posts in ‘Saved’ under “Explore” on the left side of Facebook Homepage.Useful Facebook Settings - Save Posts

#5 Teach people to pronounce your name correctly

It is really annoying when people pronounce your name incorrectly. So Facebook lets you teach people how to pronounce your name correctly. For this:

  • Go to Profile Page in Facebook
  • Go to Details About You (left column below profile pic)
  • Scroll to “How do you pronounce your name?” (under Name Pronunciation)
  • Select suggested pronunciation of your name. Or create your own
  • Save changesUseful Facebook Settings - Pronounciation

A section will then show up for people in your About section showing people to correctly pronounce your name. However, this feature is not available in all locations.

So, without further ado, head on to your Facebook account and try these useful Facebook settings. Let us know about other Facebook settings which people usually don’t make use of in the comment section below.

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