Proper preparation makes a difference between a hurried, stressful trip and a restful, worry-free travel. Luckily, smartphone devices are here to help you out. From travel planners and route builders to online marketplaces for flights and accommodation, there’s no shortage of applications and travel technologies designed to help you locate anything from busy airports to obscure roads during your vacations. Here are the best travel apps. This guide is mainly focused on air-travel.

Best Travel Apps


Flighty is for those who really want to know the place and time of their plane’s landing. The free edition of the app offers you simple flight tracking tools, but pay for a membership ($8.99 a month or a reduced annual rate of $49.99 at release) and you get access to more useful features such as push alerts, TripIt synchronization or with calendars, and an advisor to help with your flight links. Top Travel Apps Flighty also appears to be able to forecast flight delays by tracking inbound aircraft for 25 hours and analyzing FAA-delays.


You need a reliable all-in-one travel app, and Expedia is a tried-and-tested tool. You can book all aspects of your trip via Expedia, searching for accommodation, flights, and rental cars. The app also lets you combine travel and hotel packages, check for cruises, and find out what to do when you reach your destination. best  Travel Apps The app offers unique discounts for mobile users, including exclusive incentives for members of Expedia’s loyalty program.


Another app that introduces big data and predictive analytics to the world of air transport is Hopper, whose main selling point is the use of a vast database of flight prices and historical patterns to predict when rates to a location are likely to be lower, when they are likely to rise, and the best time to purchase a ticket for a specific date and location. best  Travel Apps Users can track flights on different dates or locations, and the app will let you know if it’s worth buying now or waiting, tell you the days when it’s probably cheapest to travel, forecast price shifts, and alert you of any price drops or increases. Users can save their payment information in the fast booking app.


It’s not the most stylish app but MyTSA (official Transportation Security Administration application) can help you avoid some nervous times on your trip. The star feature of MyTSA is the option to test wait times at security checks at major airports. The app provides historical wait-time data while also providing you with the option of testing crowd-sourced estimates on how long queues are at any time. best Travel Apps The ability to search for what you can carry on a plane, get live support, and find out more about the TSA PreCheck system makes this a great app for travelers to keep them on their smartphones.


Nothing takes all the fun out of a holiday like being caught in a traffic jam. But loading Waze on your smartphone before you hit the streets will save you some annoyance. The navigation app feeds traffic updates to your smartphone in real-time, based on feedback from other Waze users. This includes collisions, speed traps and other hazards that could prevent you from getting to your location in a timely manner. best Travel Apps Certain app features that are sure to please travelers include automated rerouting, cheap gas warnings, and the ability to email ETA to someone who is waiting for you at your final stop.

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