Your phone is broken. It happens, relax, but the moment has come to fix the problem. The moment has come for you to take the proper precautions and send it in to get fixed. There is something you must do first – secure it. Before sending your Android phone out, follow these steps to protect it. This article will discuss some practical steps you can take to ensure that the device is secure when you give it in for repair. You are not required to use all of these techniques. But it’s suggested that you take some action. Here’s what to do before sending your Android for repair.

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What To Do Before Sending Your Android For Repair

It’s vitally necessary to secure the device prior to sending it in for repair. There is a great deal of sensitive and vital information about you stored on the device you use, especially if you’ve used it for a long. We’re discussing things like your email address, residential address, phone number, and financial data. Not to mention the material, such as photos and movies, on your phone.

Before Sending Your Android For Repair

You are never sure if the individual who’s disassembling your phone is trustworthy when you send it in for repair. They could be able to access your private information if they are able to get into your phone. You never know whether they could steal anything from you or your information. When you secure your phone, no one can access your data when it is being repaired. If you are returning your phone to the original OEM for repair, it is less of a problem. When sending the device to independent repair facilities, you need take precautions. Here’s what to do before sending your Android for repair.

Remove External Storage

Usually, people save their files on micro SD cards. Additionally, when getting their phone fixed, individuals frequently forget that it is inside. It’s really simple to forget, which might be detrimental if your card contains crucial information. The issue is the fact that an SD card is the thing that can be compromised the quickest. Simply remove your SD card from your phone and transfer the data to the recipient’s device.

Backup and Factory Reset

Getting rid of all of the data from the Android device is one method that is advised for security. This process is known as factory reset. This entails getting it back to the state it was in when it first left the factory. This ensures that nobody could access your data in any way. Before you factory reset your phone, there are a few things you should be aware of.

The majority of your data, including passwords and app data, is saved via the backup feature. It has no impact on your real files, though. This implies that data like documents, music, and other items will be erased. You must store the data in a separate place for anything like this. This can be on an external storage device or in the cloud.

Before Sending Your Android For Repair

When you perform a factory reset on an Android device, you must sign in using a Google account that was previously associated with that device to be able to access it. The phone has no function if you are unable to enter into that account; it serves only as a weight. Therefore, you can continue if you know how to get into your Google account. As a result, if someone tries to use your phone while it is being repaired, they won’t be able to. Therefore, it is strongly advised that you retain your account on your phone.

Lock Apps

You may just lock your applications if you don’t want to bother setting up your smartphone again. When an app is locked, access to it is restricted, and anybody attempting to use it must provide a password. Depending on the OS you have, this could be a standard feature of your phone. Look to check whether your device has an app lock feature. Otherwise, download a trusted app locker from the app store.

Does the Repair Require UI Access?

Verify that access to your user interface is genuinely required if the person fixing your phone requests access. This is a reliable method of protecting your Android phone. Most likely, they won’t require access if your battery or screen are being changed. Keep a watchful eye on that.


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