The Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro smartphones from Google are both capable and well-liked. Yet lately, when people attempt to copy their data from an old device to a new one, they get stuck at the “Getting Ready to Copy” message. Hence, if your Google Pixel 7 or 7 Pro is having this problem, don’t be alarmed. In this article, we’ll talk about the root of the problem and show you how to fix Google Pixel 7 getting stuck when trying to transfer data. If you get stuck at “getting ready to copy” on your Google Pixel 7 Pro while transferring data from an old device to a new one, check this troubleshooting guide out.

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Google Pixel 7 Getting Stuck When Transferring Data

How to Fix Google Pixel 7 Getting Stuck When Transferring Data?

The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro appear to be fully developed; with improved versions of the smartphones, Google introduced in 2016. With a striking new appearance and an entirely new chipset, the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro started a new era for Google’s mobile devices. They were ambitious and usually fantastic tools with a few flaws. The Google Pixel feels like a worthy rival to the iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S models, even though Google hasn’t entirely ironed them out in this edition. They are a year late, but better late than never. Tensor G2, the second iteration of the chipset Google unveiled last year, is at the top of the spec sheet for the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro and it underpins a number of the devices’ improvements. The Tensor G2 has some new speech recognition and calling capabilities, but the camera app is where it makes the biggest difference to the Pixel experience. Other hardware-related upgrades are also there, such as the long overdue inclusion of face unlock. It’s nothing revolutionary, but compared to the Pixel 6’s sluggish in-screen fingerprint reader, it’s a worthwhile quality-of-life improvement. However, like its predecessor, the Pixel 7 series is not without bugs. One such bug is getting stuck at transferring data from old Pixel to new.

Usually, a software bug causes the data transfer operation to be delayed or to cease entirely. In addition, this issue could also be caused by a damaged cable, corrupt data, or outdated software. These are usually the causes, now on to the solutions to fix Google Pixel 7 getting stuck when trying to transfer data.


A simple restart goes a long way. While not the most convenient solution, a system reboot will fix most of the common problems you face on your Android. So, before you try anything, just reboot your Google Pixel 7 and Google Pixel 7 Pro.

Update Firmware

Make sure your Google Pixel 7 or 7 Pro is on the most recent version of Android. This could very well be a software issue so Google might have already rolled out a patch to fix this issue. So go ahead and check for updates first and install it.

  • Open Settings.
  • Go to System > System Updates.
  • Check for updates and download.

Clear Cache

Cache clearing can help in removing any damaged data that might obstruct the transmission procedure.

  • Navigate to Settings > Apps and Notifications.
  • Tap on See All Apps.
  • Find and select Files by Google.
  • Tap on Storage & Cache.
  • Press the Clear Cache button.

Disable USB Debugging

Make sure USB Debugging is turned off on your old Pixel or Android phone before transferring data from it to your new Pixel. If you try to transfer data between Pixel phones while USB Debugging is still turned on in the old phone, the transfer procedure will stop when it reaches the “Getting ready to copy” screen and won’t begin since it is waiting for you to approve it on your old Android phone.

Google Pixel 7 Getting Stuck When Transferring Data

Check Cable

The Pixel 7 or Pixel 7 Pro might not be capable of creating a reliable connection with your old device if the cable is broken or malfunctioning. To test your cable, connect your devices using a different cable.

Use Alternatives Methods

If none of the aforementioned fixes work, try transferring data using Google Drive or third-party software like Send Anywhere.

Also, I advise charging both phones before beginning the transfer. While the two phones are connected, the new phone will charge the older one, which might quickly drain your new Pixel. Also, the transfer could take up to 30 minutes if there’s a lot of data to copy.

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