Snapchat is a popular image messaging mobile application that has been here for a while. Its functionality has been copied my Instagram in their own way but Snapchat is still the king. Following the recent update, you can now add multiple captions and change its style. Here’s how to add multiple captions on Snapchat.

Add Multiple Captions on Snapchat

First of all, you need to open Snapchat as you usually do. Snap a photo and then tap on the T button located at the top right side to insert a caption. This will be your first caption. Change the style to the one you want and then tap on Done. Now, after you’ve added the caption, tap the T button again. Previously, taping on this again would bring up the option for editing, but with the latest update, this will let you add a new caption. Do the same for this caption like you did before. Tap Done after you’re happy with the caption. Now you’ll see the new caption along with the one you previously added. And you’re done.add multiple captions on Snapchat

Although this is a nifty new update, this makes it trickier to manage captions. You can move them by tapping, holding and dragging individual captions, but to edit a caption you’ll need to double tap them. You can send a snap by tapping the Send button like you usually do.

Adding the feature to add multiple captions would be a bad idea if Snapchat did not have multiple text styles. But as it does, this will let you say more about the snap you’re sending. Make sure you choose the right style as not all of them look good on every image and may make hard to read. Moreover, this new update also allows you to add gifs from Gifhy via the Stickers button.

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