Most of you probably already know, or use Snapchat. For those who don’t, Snapchat is a social networking app that lets you take “snaps” and videos and share them. These snaps have a time limit and self-destructs when the timer reached zero. However, the length of the video can only be 10 seconds. Due to this, Snapchat is facing a lot of challenges from its competitions. To tackle this, Snapchat introduces various features and improvements to keep their existing users. Once such improvement is add to its video sharing feature. You can now snap multiple videos on Snapchat; the limit being 6. You can record 6 videos of 10 seconds each and share them. Here’s how to record multiple snaps in Snapchat.

Record multiple snaps in Snapchat

Before we go into how you can use this feature, you need to know how to enable it. This feature seems to have one slight problem. If you have never posted a video on Snapchat, this feature doesn’t seem to work. Even if you have posted videos in the past, it looks at your recent activity and if there is no videos, it will not work. Also, anything shorter than 10 seconds will not enable this feature. You have to record and post a full 10 seconds video for this feature to work. So before you start, make sure you record and post a full 10 seconds video first.

Step 1: Open Snapchat.

Step 2: Tap and hold the Capture button.

Step 3: Record a full 10 seconds video. Do not let go of the Capture button.record multiple snaps in Snapchat

Step 4: When the progress dial is full, it will start recording the next video. This goes on till it finished recording 6th and final video. After the limit has been reached the app will take you to its editing screen.

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  1. I tried holding down the caption button and it will not continue recording. I have the newest Apple update and even had my avid 18 year old snap chat user Daughter try it and it stops recording after 10 seconds. Not sure why it’s not allowing me to record any longer than the 10 seconds


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