What’s more relaxing than an open road coupled with your favorite playlist? But this can be quite tricky if you are trying to follow your navigation app at the same time. So do you leave your music app open to make it easy for you to skip and rewind the song? Or, forget about the music app and focus on the navigation app? Fortunately, this won’t be a problem anymore as Spotify and Waze have partnered up. Here’s how to integrate Waze with Spotify.

Integrate Waze with Spotify

For this guide to work for you, you need to have both Waze and Spotify installed on your device. Also, you need to be logged in on both apps.

You can start off by launching the Spotify app and tapping on the “Your Library” icon. It is located on the bottom right corner. Now, tap on the Settings gear icon located on the top right corner of the screen. Scroll down till you find the Social section and tap on “Waze navigation” toggle to enable it.integrate Waze with Spotify

After you enable “Waze navigation”, a blue banner will appear on the top of Spotify asking you to go to Waze app. Waze will prompt you to connect Waze to your Spotify account. Next, tap on Okay and you will see Spotify floating icon on the Waze map. Tapping on it will show you the music controls and the name of the song that’s currently playing. If you tap on “Go to Spotify”, you will notice that the blue banner will display the next navigation step, provided that you have already entered a destination. If not, the banner will show “Go to Waze” where you have to provide it will a destination before continuing.

Now that you’ve integrated Waze and Spotify together, launching Waze will present you with the Spotify icon and if Waze is running in the background, launching Spotify will detect it and automatically bring up banners to show directions.

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