Facebook Messenger is the standalone messaging platform for Facebook. Messenger started out as a Facebook Chat in 2008. Today, the popular app has hit 1.2 billion users. Since, it’s released as the standalone app in August 2011, the application has added many features, including games, payment methods, etc. Keep your chat game on point with some of the messenger tips and tricks mentioned below.

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Messenger Tips and Tricks that you may not know about

#1. Use Messenger without Facebook ID

Some of us might not want to use Facebook, but enjoy all the perks of the Messenger app. However, Messenger allows you to use the app, without the Facebook ID. For this:

  • Open Messenger app
  • Hit “I don’t have a Facebook account”
  • Tap on Continue
  • Register using your Phone Number

If the phone number is already associated with an account, the app will get you to sign in with that. But you can still make a new login using the number. Just hit “This isn’t my account” and proceed into registration.

#2. Play Instant Games

Messenger has become a success with the emoji games (e.g. basketball and soccer game accessible via clicking on the emoji). Now, Messenger has come up with a whole range of cross platform games. You can access the games by tapping on the gamepad icon at the bottom. Messenger lets you scour through many inbuilt games such as Snake, Pac-man, Sudoku, etc. You can also compete with friends via both private message and group chats as well.

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#3. Messenger Codes for Contacts

Messenger Tips and Tricks - Messenger CodeWith Messenger codes, you can now chat with your friends and family without having to add them on Facebook. Messenger codes allow you to share direct links to their profile. You just need to scan the code using your device’s camera. This will automatically add the person as your contact. In order to see your messenger code, tap on your profile photo at the top left (iOS); top right (Android); bottom(iPad). You will then find your profile pc surrounded by dashes and dots, which are your code.

#4. Make Payments using Messenger

Messenger has amused its users with a payment service. The feature allows you to send and receive money using Facebook Messenger. You can send money to anyone and it’s free. Messenger allows you to send money to your friends from your debit card to theirs. Note that to make this feature work seamlessly, both sender and receiver need to have their debit card synced to messenger. Otherwise, it won’t work.

[quote] Send and Receive money using Facebook Messenger[/quote]

#5. Use Messenger without your phone

Running out of phone juice, but still want to stay connected? Facebook’s standalone web-based Messenger service allows you to access the website anywhere. Just go to it’s website, www.messenger.com and get started. The website provides you the phone-like Messenger interface. Now, you can chat from anywhere you like without having to use the Facebook to distract you from all the Game of Thrones spoilers running around.Messenger Tips and Tricks - Website#6. Chatbox Shortcut

Messenger allows you to add a chatbox shortcut to your home screen. But for now, this feature can only be accessed in Android devices. Chat in a go with this feature with your favorite contacts without having to go through the entire process of opening the app itself. To enable the shortcut, press and hold the conversation and then click “Create Shortcut”. You will see a shortcut to the conversation on your home screen.

What do you think of all the Messenger tips and tricks you can try out? Let us know in the comment section below.

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