secret soccer game[dropcap]F[/dropcap]acebook has updated and even added lots of cool new feature recently. We should not be surprise with the changes made by Facebook. Actually, they manage to bring the positive changes in its app and make the users happy. Normally updates are done to fix various problems and with updates, it always add new features. It’s not even a couple of months since Facebook had brought a Hidden Basketball Game, before that it introduced a secret chess game and now Facebook has rolled a new secret Hidden Soccer Game.

I believe that the minigame is brought to celebrate Euro 2016 and Copa América. This game is basically a digital version of Keepie Uppie or you can even say “trying to keep the soccer ball in the air”. There is no specific goal to be achieved in this one like we saw in Basketball game.

Facebook Messenger Hidden Soccer Game
Screenshot of Soccer emoji and Game

How to play Hidden Soccer Game:

  • First, you need to update your messenger application on your Android Smartphone or your iPhone.
  • Launch the messenger application.
  • Now you need to send soccer emoji to your friend or any other in chat.
  • Once you send it, all you need is to double tap on your soccer and your game will start.

Enjoy the soccer game and your high score will be displayed on the top right side of the screen. Just keep tapping on the screen and try to keep the ball up in the air. Some emoji will be displayed to encourage the user like raised hands, thumbs up, tensed bicep when you keep the ball up in the air and if you drop the ball sad emoji will be shown.

Once you end the game, you can see your High Score will be shared with your friend also and you can tap again on the play button to start playing game. So we can say that, this is very simple game that is hidden in messenger.

I think this hidden soccer game will be popular among football fans as the Euro 2016 and Copa América is running. It will also be helpful for those who waits for the reply and those who have boring friends, they can spend their time playing this game and setting new record.

So, what do you think of Facebook Messenger hidden soccer game. Also do share which country you are supporting, your experience and high score in comment section below.

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