FaceboookFacebook is trying to include most of the today’s new features in it, giving the users more interesting ways to use and spend time with it. Facebook also tries to include and give user to experience the new features that are available in the market without taking any headache about installing third-party app. Recently, Facebook is testing new option/feature called Hide From Your Timeline  and now it introduce a new feature that will  turn your phone panoramas into 360 degree photos.

Panorama into 360 degree photos
Panorama into 360 degree photo

The best thing about this feature is that you can upload the 360 degree photo like a regular photo. You can just capture a panorama on your Smartphone or even you can use a 360 degree app / camera and then simply upload the photo like you use to upload other normal photos.After the photo is being uploaded you can view 360 degree photo just by moving the phone around or even you can click and drag with your mouse if you are on laptop. You may be wondering, How do we know that it is 360 degree image? Just Relax, you don’t have to worry about this. You can see an animated ‘360’ icon on the image before you open it.

There is even good news for the Samsung Smartphone Users, you’ll be able to watch 360 photos on your VR headsets. Just tap on ‘View in VR’ button on the top-left corner and you are ready to view the image. In near future we will be able to watch the 360 degree image on other VR headsets, we just have to wait for it.

I think this feature will be popular because most of the people own either an Android or IOS smartphone and it’s pretty much easy to capture image and upload it.The purpose of 360 degree photos on Facebook might just be to promote VR and immersive experiences that people are loving


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