FacebookThis time Facebook is going to make its users happy with its new option/feature that is going to be on facebook very soon. Facebook adds new features time and again to make its users engage more with social networking site. Facebook tries to update and add different new options/features keeping in mind about its users- How can they express themselves more? How can they spend most of their time in facebook without getting bored? So, they develop new features/options for the users out there wanting more from the facebook.

[quote bcolor=”gray”]Facebook introduces a new Hide From Your Timeline check box option. [/quote]

Recently, Facebook is testing a new option related to the post: You can hide the post from your timeline with this new option Hide From Your Timeline. Some of you might think what’s new about this, and you might even think that, this option is already in the Facebook. Ya, this option is already found for the individual posts from the profile, which was kind of hidden. But, the New Hide From Your Timeline option adds more interesting feature and before you go to any conclusion let me make clear about this.

timeline of facebook with new option

This is the new option that you can find on the front of your facebook page- the area from where you post the status. Actually, using this option if you post anything, that post will be visible only on the News Feed and will disappear automatically as it gets older, the post will no longer stick to your timeline. However, it’s still found in search and those post get listed along with rest of the activity on the Your Posts page that is visible only to you also when sharing , you still have the same option like sharing with public, friends, only me.
This feature will be useful for the one who keeps posting status regularly, asking questions to friends on status but don’t want that post to be their on their timeline.

Remember, this is only a test option for now so it might not be on you Facebook yet and also one thing, this may not even be permanent option. So, we can just wait till the option/feature is out there for all the users. If there are any further information about this new feature. We will be updating you.

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