New Instagram LogoInstagram is today’s most popular social photography app. This app helps people to share the photos and video with friends or simply we can say with the followers. The users were eagerly waiting to see the positive changes made in new Instagram. The Instagram has now updated to version 8.2 with some additional features.

The new added feature makes it easier for IOS users to upload photos or videos directly from any iPhone app. This time the logo/icon has also changed and people are already started liking it. Version 8.2 has taken one step further for uploading process by adding a shortcut extension to IOS share menu in its apps. Previously, users have to go to in-built photos app to share the photo on Instagram but now you can share photos or videos directly from the third-party app.

Old and new Instagram
Old and new Instagram

sharing InstagramTo activate new feature in Instagram:

  • Open any third-party photos/videos app >> Choose the photo/video.
  • Tap on the share icon.
  • You can see other various sharing options/app (Eg: Facebook, Twitter)
  • Now swipe until you see the More button/option >> Tap on the More button
  • You will get the list of various app, you can share to >> Select the Instagram
  • Now you can share your photos and videos using Instagram.

The saddest part of this feature is that, you cannot use filter, editing tools or tag other users with this extension. For those feature, you have to go back to Instagram app.

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