As we know that Instagram is one of the best photo and video sharing social networking service owned by Facebook.

Instagram application is available for different platforms such as Android, iOS and windows. We basically upload content in Instagram using the Instagram mobile app. The Instagram app makes the posting of the images and video much easier. You can upload your content in one tap.

But what in case of uploading your Instagram content from the browser (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc)? How can you upload your content into Instagram using web interface? Have you ever wondered about it? Or Ever googled on how to upload photo In Instagram using chrome or something like that? If yes then we would love to hear from you. Who knows your experience in uploading content may be better than us. If so then don’t forget to comment.

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Yes, this article is about uploading your Images and Videos Content into Instagram using Web Interface. Uploading content is quite tricky. One can also use Instagram using a secondary application such as BlueStacks in your PC. Bluestacks enable users to run the mobile application on Microsoft Windows and Apple’s macOS.

Why we have to upload a picture from pc?

Uploading Images into Instagram is easy using the Instagram mobile app. But it won’t be the same case always. In some cases, we need to upload high-quality images and graphics. Transferring these images into the mobile is a hassle. Also, it is time-consuming. So in such case uploading picture from PC comes handy. We will be uploading on Instagram using the google chrome browser.

By following few these steps we can upload post through a web browser. Let’s see how to do it.

Step 1:

First, open Instagram in google chrome and login to your account. Right click on your mouse anywhere in the screen of the Instagram page then select inspect element using the left button on your mouse. Also, you can use the shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+I.

Upload Image On Instagram From PC

Step 2:

The code Inspector tools appear into the chrome once you select the Inspect element option. You will see lots of code stuff on your browser. Just ignore the code and look for Toggle Device Toolbar. You can also use this shortcut CTRL+SHIFT+M to enable the toolbar. Once the toolbar is enabled refresh the Instagram page using F5 or pressing reload button to the left of the address bar.

Upload Image On Instagram From PC

Step 3:

After reloading the page you will see the (+) sign for uploading. Now your interface will appear the same as mobile where you can select your image and upload it from your pc.

Upload Image On Instagram From PC


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