With the growing technology and constant presence of people on social media, it has become a part of our daily life and it has also become common for people to share what is going in their life with the people they know. Among all the other platforms of social media, Instagram has gained massive popularity and is growing day by day with more and more people joining every single day. It does not even matter what your age are as everyone enjoys using social media in today’s world. Instagram is an application that has overlapped the craze of Facebook when it comes to the active users. Here, today we will be showing you Instagram Survival Guide letting you know why apps to use in day to day life.

Instagram rolls-out mobile web sharing feature publicly

Instagram is simple to use and has a lot of different fun features. The app keeps regularly updating to fix any sort of bug and also keeps adding new features very often. While Instagram has really up their game from the year they have started, there are a few options which have not yet become a part of the app. There are a lot of things people wish they could have done within the app, as there is no option, people have to resort using other types of apps and websites. There are two amazing places where you can do some of the things Instagram cannot offer you. It is not a replacement for Instagram but it is a way to make a few changes before we think of actually uploading on Instagram.

A lot of people feel the need to download the videos they see on the app but there is no option to do. You can save the video for later watch within the app but you cannot share it on other apps. Also, if the original uploader deletes the video, you will not be able to access it. Hence an app or a website, if it allows you to download permanently then you don’t need to worry.

Easy Way to download Instagram Videos in HD

1. First open instadownload site, from where you can download the videos in just few minutes. All you need to have is good working Internet with decent speed.


2. On the main screen you will see a search bar where you can insert the link of video which you want to download. You can (copy)/ get the link of the video by going to Instagram and clicking on the three dots that you can see on the top right side of the video.

3. Once you paste the link in the search bar, click on Download button. Soon the video will be downloaded on your device.

This process is really easy to use and it can be used by anyone at any time. Saving videos has never been easy like this and it doesn’t matter if it is a quick DIY video, prank video or even a recipe video, you can download anything.

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The next feature that Instagram could have offered is to change the size of the photo that you upload from a rectangle to a square. As the feed of Instagram is best viewed in a square grid, a lot of people prefer adding a background of different colors according to the picture color and changing the size of the photo to make the picture more appealing and suiting to rest of the profile.

Easy way to make the Photo Square:

You can easily make the rectangle photo in a square shape with the help of square fit app that is easily available in the Google Play Store. It has got some features that will definitely help you while editing the photo size. The popularity and appreciation getting from the users are decent with thousands of downloads as it is really easy and simple to use the app. Some of the features that is provided by app are: pinch the screen to resize the photo, move and rotate easily, save the photo in HD.

Process to use the App:

1. Open the app from the menu. Select the video or photo that you want to edit and add a background.

square fit app

2. There are numbers of options to choose from, whether it be according to your likes and dislikes or your preferences which will help you to edit and upload. You can find multiple layouts to choose for your photo.

The best part about this app is that, it doesn’t degrade the quality of the app and you will get the app in the high definition quality. You can even blur the photo itself to be chosen as a background especially if you do not want to use a normal color for making the picture square. Though this app is not from Instagram but it definitely enhances your experience and the quality of your uploads especially if you are a blogger or any kind of person who’s career depends on social media.

These apps and such websites can be a huge aid to your career and not just the personal life. Using these apps is simple but the effect is really great. You can now create better content for Instagram and even download other content.

Hopefully you have learned something new today which will definitely help you. Feel free to comment below if you have any query.

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