In today’s world we all have some external storage device where we store/save the content whether as a fresh content or as a backup of original content. In both of the scenario external storage device plays a vital role. There are several external storage device such as pen drive, external hard drive, SD card, optical drive and many more, among which pen drive is the most easy and portable device which is popular among most of the people. It comes it different shape, size and variant.

how to restore deleted files from pen drive

But something you might lose all the content from your pen drive due to whatever reason. At the time you won’t have any option to recover your lost data from pen drive apart from using third party pen drive data recovery software. In this article, we will be discussing how to restore deleted content from pen drive using an App.

Is it possible to recover deleted files from pen drive using an App?

The question might pop-up to so many people out there that whether it is possible to recover deleted files from pen drive using an App? The answer is “Yes”, it is really simple and easy to get back all the lost content of pen drives. There are several third party app available in the market but it is quite difficult to figure out which one works the best. We will help you out to know the best App that will make your work easy. Recoverit is one such wonderful App that best known as pen drive data recovery App. This App not only recovers your pen drive lost data but can also recover all the lost files from external hard drive, SD card and other storage device.

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Restore Deleted Content from Pen drive:

Note: Make sure to download and install recoverit data recovery app on your computer before processing further.

  1. First connect your pen drive to your computer and soon it will be detected by the system. Open Recoverit app, you will see a homepage with many options. Click on “External Device Recovery” to go ahead.

external devices recovery

2. Next choose your pen drive which was detected on your computer sometimes ago to get back all your deleted content.

select external device3. The app will begin to scan your pen drive and look for all the lost data. [All-Around Recovery is a good feature that will get back all the data if one cannot find the lost data in first shot].

scan with all around recovery4. You will be able to see all the deleted content on your screen, preview them to confirm and then click on “Recover” button to restore all the pen drive data. Also make sure to save those content in a proper place.

recover deleted photos

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This way, you can easily recover all the deleted files from your pen drive with an ease. Hopefully, you have learned something new and will make a good use of it. It is also really easy on how to recover corrupted file from USB using this App. Let us know what do you think about the process to recover deleted files from pen drive in comment section below. You can even drop message if you have any query.


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