Can phones really be exposed to any security threats? Any person who asks this question is completely underestimating how much phones, especially Smartphones, are used. In the current world, smartphones are literally doing everything, from accessing the internet and searching for information, to checking bank accounts details, paying for goods and services and responding to emails – the smartphone is literally taking over tasks that before may have only been restricted to computers. The smartphone is literally a pocket computer with tons and tons of personal information and hence automatically at risk of cyber-attacks.

Why Do You need to Secure your Phone with Security Apps? The Common Dangers

A phone needs to be secured because, just like a computer, it is vulnerable to danger from various sources. The dangers that smartphones may face are listed below:

  1. Malware

These are malicious software that is meant to infect your phone and may cause serious damage to your data. This malware may corrupt your data, send emails on your behalf and even steal sensitive information.

  1. Phishing

This is where hackers may send you fake information by making it seem genuine. This may make a phone user sharing sensitive information or even disclose their personal information such as account details and login information.

  1. Ransomware

This type of software restricts access to the phone. It works exactly like a ransom. The idea hackers use is that you require access to it badly enough to pay. The only way you will be able to access it is usually by paying a certain amount of money and your phone is “freed”.

  1. Spam

It is a common way of sending and collecting information. It’s usually mass distribution of unsolicited messages. This causes a lot of unwanted junk mail and may provide an avenue for phishing, fraud, and threats to privacy.

Investing in a good Virtual Private Network may be advisable since phones are also very vulnerable. Looking for a VPN? Check out best vpn apps for more insights and find the best solution for you.

Best Security Apps of 2019

As we keep on using our phones, we need to ensure that the information they contain stays safe and secure hence the need for security apps. Some of the best apps in 2019 includes:

  1. Avast Antivirus and Security

When it comes to mobile security, this app is considered one of the best. It is a free App that performs automatic phone and memory card content scans. It also analyses Apps before downloading them. Other than keeping your phone safe from attacks, it has a plus side where, in case you lose your phone, it can help track and lock it to avoid access. Avast Antivirus will also help to scan applications, clean junk, wipe the cache, and secure photographs by storing them in a password-protected vault.

avast antivirus

There are a variety of security features available for free; however, in-app purchases present an even better opportunity to protect your phone from external threats. Some of these purchases include ad-blockers, app-locker, and camera traps among others. The only downside may be that it can only be used by Android phones through the Google app store. Download on Play Store

  1. Kaspersky Internet Security

This app has been regarded as one of the best for users and has collected awards. The most attractive feature of this application is the ability to detect zero-day malware. The application constantly updates its servers with the latest cybersecurity risks and makes it a priority to prevent their incidence in the host computer.

kaspersky mobile antivirus

They have free app protection against mobile malware and have recently included a feature that will assist with phishing, cloud services and while surfing the web. Kaspersky also has antitheft measures, real-time protection, and an app-locker when you purchase the premium version of the app. Users can test these new features out by making use of the 30-day free trial period. Download on Play Store

  1. Lookout Mobile Security App

lookout security antivirus

The good thing about this app is that it is made for both Android and iPhone users. It has the ability to scan apps and websites to prevent virus infections and the theft of personal information. You can now predict threats and stop them before they happen. As an advantage, Lookout has antitheft abilities that back up data on secure servers and a tracking feature that saves your location in case the phone dies. Download on Play Store

  1. Safer VPN

free vpn proxy wifi security

This app also works for both iPhone and Android users. It is a great app to assist with preventing attacks from hackers over public Wi-Fi networks that are unsecured. You can protect your data automatically by using bank-level 256-bit encryption when browsing over the web. Download on Play Store

Conclusion: As mentioned earlier, phones are essentially computers and the amount of data they carry should be reason enough for users to worry about their safety. A phone user should research on the best ways to take care of their phone depending on the type it is. The role that a good security app will play cannot be underestimated.

Are there any other security apps that will assist in keeping phones secure? Let us know in comment section below.

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