We witnessed a feature known as the “Dynamic Island” during the unveiling of the iPhone 14 Pro Max, which has never been seen on any other smartphone before. Since its release, Android users have become obsessed with this feature and are eager to learn how to install the dynamic island found on the iPhone 14 Pro on their smartphones. The feasibility of customization on Android allows the user to basically do anything they want to their devices. So, here’s how to install Dynamic Island on Android.

What is Dynamic Island?

In place of the notch that Apple first introduced in 2017, there is now Dynamic Island. It is a cutout in the shape of a pill that can change its size and shape to show alerts and notifications. One thing Apple wasn’t proud of in 2020 was the notch. One of the last smartphones with a notch was the iPhone, which was released in 2018. In 2020, the mobile industry sought to optimize the usable screen space and conceal any needless components. The business even made an effort to conceal the notch in the packaging and promotional materials. In contrast, Dynamic Island is prioritized even in packaging because it is regarded as an innovative design choice.

Many mobile users frequently ask, “Why do Apple iPhones have a notch, while Android smartphones don’t? ” All Android flagships use a dot design, which has a tiny dot for the front face at the top of the screen, such as the Google Pixel 6 Pro and Samsung S22 Ultra. Why doesn’t Apple adopt the same strategy? The reason is that Apple uses numerous additional scanners inside the notch and dynamic island as part of its facial recognition system called Face ID. The Face ID technology consists of sensors with three modules: an infrared camera that takes an infrared image of the user interprets the resulting pattern and creates a 3D facial map. The dot projector casts a grid of tiny infrared dots onto a user’s face. Moreover, the notch and dynamic island now enhance the UI and allows users to view notifications on it. By adding a new level to the UI, Dynamic Island enables users to receive timely changes without changing context.

It does have a couple of disadvantages though. Users can use their fingertips to interact with it. But in order to do that, they will need to reach the spot with their fingers. The engagement is less comfortable because the dynamic island is in a difficult-to-reach area. Users will frequently touch in front of the front-facing camera that is built into the dynamic island. Users will likely have blurry selfies and videos recorded on the front camera as a result of taps smudging the lens. Also, the dynamic island doesn’t appear as well in full-screen video mode as the Notch does. Your eyes will always see the screen’s side hole. The space between dots can be seen, and in direct sunshine, it is even easier to see. The appearance of a single, solid entity is somewhat compromised when the separate stops are apparent.

How to Install Dynamic Island on Android?

Now for the thing, you’re here for – installing dynamic island on your Android device. Dynamic Island may currently be emulated on Android devices, although with fewer features than the iPhone 14 Pro. Users must download the Dynamic Island app, which with the help of some enabled permissions allows us to reproduce the feature. Follow the steps below.

  • Download and open Dynamic Island app on your Android device.
  • Follow the instructions and grant all the necessary permissions.
  • Now, under the Select Apps options, you need to choose the apps you want to see notifications of on the dynamic island.
  • Also, grant Draw on Screen permission and Notification permission when prompted.
  • Tap on Done.

Install Dynamic Island on Android

Dynamic Island Is Not Working Properly?

The app might not be functioning as intended for a few reasons. It’s possible that you didn’t correctly enable all the rights. We advise you to read the guide once more and take each instruction seriously. Also, the specifications of the application might not support the device since it is too old. If you know you have granted all the permissions properly and you have a new device, then either reboot your device or reinstall the app.

Install Dynamic Island on Android


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