No matter how large is your device’s storage, it will run out eventually if you don’t keep an eye on it. Videos, music, documents, cache, thumbnails all contribute to occupy your precious storage. You can use your file explorer to check each folder and files inside it but it will take an awful lot of time. So for your convenience Nextard Software released an app that can show you how much space each of the folder and file is currently occupying your storage. Continue reading to know How to Keep Track of Storage on your Android Device.

First and foremost you need to install Nextard Software’s DataSize Explorer which is available for free on the Google Play Store. You can either search it form your device of visit this link. After you have finished installing the app, open it. You will be greeted with a simple screen with a couple of options. Tap on “Scan” to command the app to examine your storage. Once it finishes scanning, it will show you the result which is neatly sorted by file size. Remember, the bigger the box, the larger the file. The result is also color coded depending upon the nature of files. Tap and swipe any box to view its contents. If you want to delete any file, just press your menu button to see the options and choose “Delete”.DataSize Explorer

Managing your android device’s storage cannot get any simpler than this. DataSize Explorer makes it easier for you to identify the files that are unnecessary occupying your precious storage. DiskUsage is another similar app that does the same work plus more if our device is rooted. Memory Map also does the same thing but with a bit cooler looking interface.


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