Mouse and keyboard are irreplaceable. Even if you are using laptop as a desktop replacement, you will still opt for a mouse. But the non-stop clicking and pressing the buttons can wear off your mouse or keyboard and immediate replacement may not be the option. So what would you do in times like that? Use your android device to temporary use it as a mouse or keyboard replacement of course. No matter how large or small your screen is, you can still use it as a track pad or keyboard. Here’s how to use your Android device as a wireless keyboard and mouse.

remote mouse

First and foremost you need to download the Remote Mouse app from the Play Store. Just installing the app on your android device is not enough. You also need to download the desktop client that need to be installed on your computer for this app to work. Grab a copy of the software for the Remote Mouse website here. Download the client for your operating system.

After you have done installing all the appropriate apps on you android device and your PC it’s time to configure the Remote Mouse apps to use your Android device as a wireless keyboard and mouse

  • Both the devices should be connected to the same wireless network for this app to work. The app will perform a scan and will detect your PC with the desktop client.
  • Just click on your computer name that is displayed on your android device and go through the simple instructions on how to use the app.
  • Left clicking and right clicking is a bit different from your traditional mouse. A tap on the screen is recognized as left click and tapping two fingers at the same time is recognized as right click.
  • Placing two fingers on the screen and moving them up and down will act as the scroll wheel of a mouse.
  • To move an object, you need to double tap and drag. You can use this as a keyboard by pressing the keyboard icon on the bottom of the screen and use you traditional android keyboard as your desktop keyboard.
  • You can also tap the monitor icon to access app switcher and switch between the running apps.
  • You can shut down or restart your computer too. Explorer the settings to customize your experience.


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