Most of us tend to check our smartphone when we wake up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason. Most of the Android devices has ambient light sensors that enables the device to adjust screen brightness accordingly. But even if the brightness is at its lowest, it is enough to light up the whole room during night time. Sometimes the pain on eyes because of this is unbearable. Moreover, it can really put a strain on your eyes if you tend to read in the dark. Fortunately, this article is written to eliminate this problem. Now you don’t have to worry about the screen not being dim enough. Here are some apps that can dim the screen past the lowest settings.

How to really Dim your Screen

Screen Filterscreen filter

Screen Filter is for those who just want to dim the screen with minimum effort. You have to manually adjust the brightness from the notification area. You can also use its widget to adjust the screen’s brightness. Tapping of its notification will take you to its settings where you can choose the minimum brightness and enable Screen Filter. This app provides minimal features and is completely free to use.

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Night Modenight mode

Night mode is also a minimal features app that focuses solely on dimming your android device’s screen at night. Tapping on the app’s icon will take you to its main screen where you can set the brightness and start the app. It focuses of simplicity so it doesn’t come will fancy features. There is no automatic adjustment feature. This app is completely free but is ad supported so it may be annoying for some.

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Lux is one of the oldest apps that can alter the brightness of your screen and allow you to dim it beyond the default settings. This features packed app will allow you to choose the brightness of the screen during various situations and circumstances. It is fairly easy to use because of its Setup Wizard. With it you can quickly configure Lux by selecting Method of backlit adjustment, behavior when plugged in, and a few more. There are 4 profiles that can dim your screen accordingly. You also have the ability to set the brightness to maximum when the device is connected to USB. You can change the hue of the screen to eliminate the strain on your eyes at night. This is a free version but you can unlock its full features by going pro.

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Screen dimmerscreen dimmer

Like Lux, Screen Dimmer is another feature rich app to dim your screen. You can either manually dim the screen or schedule the app to dim the screen. You can configure the app to set the screen to minimum brightness when the app is running and also disable button backlit. Buying the pro package will enable you to select the activities to run when the app is running, change the screen filter’s color, change the widget’s color, toggle silent mode when the app is running, and some others. You can buy the pro version via in-app purchase. However, there has been some reports of a bug where the brightness of on-screen navigation buttons doesn’t dim but this will be fixed soon.

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So these are some apps that can help you reduce the strain on your eyes. If there are some other similar apps you use to dim your screen, mention it on the comments below.


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