Lollipop’s user interface is pleasant to look at. It Material Design looks minimal but beautiful at the same time. Unfortunately not all devices will be able to experience Lollipop and there is still time till Lollipop starts to roll out to supported devices. However, there are ways you can experience the glory of Lollipop on your Android device. Some of the Lollipop’s native apps have been ported to run on other devices but not all. Keeping that in mind, various developers have created apps and themes to Lolli-fy your device. Here, we are going to talk about how you can make your dialer look like that of Lollipop’s.

How to make your dialer look like Lollipop’s

Method 1

You need 2 apps for this method – ExDailer and ExDialer Android L White theme. Search of these app on the Play Store and install them. This version of ExDialer is a free 7-day trial but you can purchase the pro version via the in-app purchase.  The theme is free.exdialer

After you install both of the apps, open ExDialer and then go to Preferences. Tap on Theme and then select Android L White and apply the theme. You can also top on the theme’s icon from the apps drawer and apply it. Now you have to tweak the dialer and its size. Go to Preferences > Appearance and disable Display ABC and ABC at Right, also, adjust the width and the height according to you screen size. Play around with the height and width till your dialer looks perfect.

Method 2

There is an app called Lollipop Dialer that looks like the dialer of Android Lollipop. It has Lollipop styled dialer and contacts. You can go to the settings by tapping on the gear icon on the corner if the search box. Inside, you can enable or disable Show Recent Card, Keypad Tone nad Light version. You can use this method if tweaking the height and width is too much work for you. Install this app and you’re good to go.dialer l

This is it. This is how you can make your dialer look like that of Lollipop’s. Leave us a comment and tell us how you feel about this tutorial.


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