Previously, we have talked about how you can change your phone dialer to look like that of Android Lollipop. Now, I am here to present you the way to make the Recent Apps menu look like Lollipop’s. Follow the step by step tutorial to achieve this transformation.

How to install Lollipop recent apps menu on any Android

Step 1

You need to first install an app called Fancy Switcher from the Play Store. This app is free to install but offers in-app purchases.

Step 2

After you finish installing Fancy Switcher we need to change its theme to look like Lollipop’s Recent apps menu. On the app’s main screen tap the gear icon on the bottom of the screen. This will take you to the app’s Settings. Now go to Style and choose Android L from the menu.smartswitcher1

Step 3

Now that you have assigned Fancy Switcher as the new recent apps menu, it’s time to access it. There are two ways to access Fancy Switcher. You can either tap on the notification or long press the home button and select Fancy Switcher from the options. Make sure you tap Always so that you don’t have to repeat the steps later. Now you will see the Lollipop style recent apps menu. You can flip through the apps and swipe to kill the apps.smartswitcher2

Step 4

Till now you already know how to basically operate the app. Now we configure the additional options. You can enable the feature that allows you to flip between open apps. To enable this feature tap on the gear icon on the recent apps menu at the bottom of the screen. Now select Smart Slider and the enable or disable various settings to suit your needs.

This is all you need to do to have a Lollipop style recent apps menu. With Fancy switcher, it might even be better. You can leave us a comment and tell about your experience.


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