Developer Options on Android is primarily intended for developers to test apps they are developing for Android. Inside Developer options are a set of different tools that let you perform app stress tests and debugging among others. You can enable USB Debugging that lets you, as the name suggests, perform debugging over USD, take bug reports and monitor the resource usage to help further optimize the app. Moreover, inside Developer Options are the tools that let you see layout bounds, hardware layers, and some other information. It is essential for developers but a normal user can also take advantage from. Enabling Developer Options hasn’t changed much. Here’s how to enable Developer Options on Galaxy S9

Enable Developer Options on Galaxy S9

Get on to it but going to the System Settings. Scroll down to the very bottom and tap on About Phone. When you get in, tap on Software Information. Scroll down till you find Build Number. You need to rapidly tap on it seven times. You will be asked for your PIN. Enter the PIN and you will see a message at the bottom of the screen that says “Developer mode has been turned on”.

Enable Developer Options on Galaxy S9

You will now see a new entry has been added to the System Settings that says Developer Options. Tap on it to enter the Developer Options settings. You will now be able to use extra hidden settings that includes USB Debugging and other useful settings. I advise you not to mindlessly play with the setting if you do not know what they do. There are a few settings that a normal user can take advantage of, but other than that, most of the tools are meant for developers to use.

You can hide Developer Options by clearing up Settings data. You can do that from Apps > All > Settings > Clear Data.

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