The new Samsung Galaxy S9 is out on the market and it has some of the best hardware and features till date. But even the best phone is prone to some annoying features. In Galaxy S9’s case, it is the persistent notification that comes from Android Oreo. If you already have Galaxy S9, you may have noticed a notification that alerts you is there are any and how many apps are running in the background. That is kind of a good thing considering you get to know why your battery is draining so fast or what apps are taking up all the resources. But that is where the good part comes to an end. Unfortunately, after some time you will start to get annoyed with the constant notification. And if you are anything like me, you cannot stand a messy notification panel. If you do not care about knowing what apps are using the device’s storage, then you can disable this notification. Here’s how to disable X Apps Are Using Battery notification on Galaxy S9.

Disable X Apps Are Using Battery notification on Galaxy S9

Disabling this annoying notification is quite easy. You need to open up the notification panel by swiping down from the status bar. Swipe right on the “ X Apps are using battery” notification. You will see a gear icon. That is the Settings icon. You need to tap on it to get to the Notification Settings. When inside the Notification Settings, find the entry with the name “Apps consuming battery”. Turn that off and you will never be bothered by the annoying notification again. You can follow the steps to re-enable this notification.

Disable X Apps Are Using Battery notification on Galaxy S9

You can use these steps to disable other notifications as well, but there are some notifications that cannot be disabled. Some notifications are just too critical to ignore.

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