Previously we discussed on some of the free as well as paid VPN service for the smartphones. If you haven’t check the blog yet then I recommend you to check the blog first. Connecting to VPN is easy. For almost every VPN app that are available in the Google Play Store provides a simple button to connect.

You can easily tap on the button to connect to the VPN. This can be one of the best ways to get connected to VPN and enable private browsing. Sometimes such scenario may occur when you need to connect to a private VPN, but it doesn’t come with a mobile application. How do you connect to VPN in such situation?

In this article, we will be discussing on how we can connect to the VPN manually. Now you don’t need to worry even if the VPN has no mobile apps. Here we will discuss on some of the steps that are actually required for connecting to the VPN manually. Let’s find out.

Manually Connect to VPN in Android

First Unlock your smartphone, Find the settings menu and tap on it.

Within the setting menu, you can find the VPN. Your settings may not look exactly like mine. If you don’t find the VPN option then go to the “Wireless and networks” and select more. There you will find the VPN.

Next, Tap on the VPN and you will see and option to enable VPN. To enable the VPN service first you need to connect to a VPN.

Furthermore, you will find “Add VPN Profile” option. Just tap on it. In this section you need to enter all the relevant information about your VPN. Once you are done entering all the information tap on the save icon.

You will see a newly set-up vpn profile. Tap on VPN to connect. Once you are connect to the VPN, an icon will appear in the notification bar informing you that you are connected.


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