System Performance Monitoring Application In Android

Elixir 2

Elixir 2 is one of the best tools for system monitoring. It is a system information application with highly configurable widgets. With Elixir 2 user can get detail information regarding hardware and software. Hardware information includes the battery, internal/external storage, CPU, memory, input devices etc whereas software information includes details on the operating system, accessibility, shared libraries etc and many more.

Additionally, a user can also change settings such as brightness settings, screen timeout and perform actions such as clear cache, mount/unmount sd card, start Bluetooth discovery etc and many more.

With Elixir you can also get information regarding running and recent processes or services. Elixir is a free to use mobile application and can be download from the Google Play Store. For further details on the Elixir 2 you can visit their site from here.

Network Monitor Mini

Network Monitor Mini is another tool for system monitoring. This mobile application is a mini network monior for android smartphone. With this app user can record the live network information for WiFI, 3G, 4G network speed.

This app is available in free as well as paid version. Live Network Traffic Meter, Custom Prefix, Hide/s Suffix etc are some of the features that are available with the free version of this mobile application. Whereas, Adjustable Kilo Value, Decimal Places, Normalize VPN etc are some of the Pro features.

Also, the Pro version is ad-free and supports auto-hides when there is no traffic. To download the free version of the app visit here. Besides these, you can download the paid version from here.

Tinycore – CPU, Ram Monitor

Tinycore is another application for system monitoring. This mobile application adds a CPU or RAM indicator at the status bar. The indicator is added to the top-right corner of the status bar.

Tinycore is a highly customizable and light ware mobile application. You can monitor device CPU or RAM much easier using the Tincore mobile application. This application is fully compatible with multicore devices.

This mobile app is completely free except some of the advanced features and can be downloaded easily via Google Play Store. With this app, you can monitor CPU usage and frequency, RAM usage and Battery level.


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