Most of the stock firmware comes with tons of unwanted apps. We call these apps bloatware. These apps are difficult to remove and often require root access. however, in Galaxy S9 and S9+, there is a safer method that does not require you to root the device. Here’s how to remove bloatware from Galaxy S9 and S9 plus without root.

Remove Bloatware from Galaxy S9 and S9 plus without root

We will be using package disablers to disable bloatware that uses up your precious RAM. As easy as it is, this method can also be dangerous as there is a chance you might disable the wrong package that may end up breaking your device. Thanks to BAYmustafa96 from XDA, there is a safe way to disable all the bloatware.
You will need an XML file that automatically removes all unwanted apps. This makes it easier and safer to remove the bloatware as you do not have to manually select the app packages. Download the file from here.

Remove Bloatware from Galaxy S9 and S9 plus without root
Next, you will need an app called Package Disabler Pro+ for Samsung. You can get it for $3.29 from the Google Play Store. Install it and open the app. You will need to grant permissions for the app to work. Tap on Enable Admin, which will take you to Device Administrator screen was you have to tap on Activate. Now you can begin de-bloating your device.

Remove Bloatware from Galaxy S9 and S9 plus without root
Open the app and tap on the menu icon located at the top right corner. From the list of options, select Import from XML. Choose the XML file you downloaded earlier. Tap on the Import button. This will disable all 120 bloatware. Tap on OK to go back to the main screen. You can verify if the bloatware has been disabled.
This process is automated so if you use apps like Bixby or Photo Editor, you need to re-enable it by opening up Package Disabler Pro + and simply check the box next to the app you want to re-enable.

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  1. Hello, you mention “removing” bloatware, which to me implies freeing up hard drive space… but you also mention installing package disablers, which can also be done manually (even if it takes longer) but that would not free up any hard drive space?? My goal is to free up hard drive space (bloat) on my phone so to “remove” or uninstall as many pre-installed apps on my phone as possible… without needing to root my phone. Which do you wish to accomplish here? Removing Bloatware or Disabling Bloatware? Thanks! 🙂


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