The recently launched Pixel 2 comes with an exclusive version of Google Camera app with 2 exclusive features – Motion Photo and Face Retouching. Motion Photo is Google version of live photos and Face Retouching is basically studio lighting. These 2 features are restricted to Pixel 2, but developers were able to port them successfully on Nexus 5X and 6P. But, it is only a matter of time before they port it to other devices as well. Here’s how to get Pixel 2 Google Camera app on Nexus.Pixel 2 Google Camera app on Nexus

Pixel 2 Google Camera app on Nexus

First, you need to head over to XDA Developer’s page and download Google Camera NX. You will find 2 versions of the app – ZSL and non-ZSL. ZSL refers to “Zero Shutter Lag”. This is another exclusive feature for Pixel devices. You can now have it on your Nexus.

Install the app and launch it. You will find 2 new buttons. The one with the face enables Face Retouching feature and the other one with an “A” inside a circle enables you to capture Motion Photos. You can set Motion Photo to activate automatically or to be always on, just like the options on flash. The Face Retouching feature only has 2 states – On or Off.

Go ahead and capture some Motion Photos. Then, you can view them in the Photos app. You will recognize normal photos from motion photos easily as the Motion Photos will play automatically when you open them. As with the Face Retouching feature, you may or may not get the same result on your Nexus like on Pixel devices as this feature was made exclusively for Pixel’s camera. However, you will notice a significant difference between the photos taken with and without Face Retouching.

You can use Motion Photo on both primary and secondary camera, but the Face Retouching will only work on primary camera for obvious reasons.

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