Google Camera is the best camera app for Android at the moment. There’s nothing quite like it. But it still has some limitations. One of with is the inability to take HDR and RAW photos. But, there’s a port of the app that has these features. Here’s how to take RAW photos on Android.

How to take RAW photos on Android

First, you need to download the Google Camera + HDR from XDA Developer. You can read its description there to understand what this app is really about. Depending upon the device you have, there are two versions of the app – for Snapdragon 820/821 and for non-Snapdragon devices. Once you’ve downloaded the app, install it. You don’t need to have root access for using or installing this app.

Once the app has been installed, its time to start taking photos; RAW photos. Open the app and navigate to Settings from navigation drawer. Once there, scroll down till you find Photos section, go in and tap on Experimental. Enable HDR+RAW+JPEG and restart your phone. This is necessary, do not skip it.take RAW photos on Android

After the device finishes booting, open the app and take a photo. You’ll see the app processing HDR on the notification panel. Once it finishes, open your Gallery. You’ll see the same photo is saved twice. One is in JPEG and another one in DNG. That DNG file is your RAW image. You may not be able to view the RAW image and the app may show error. Visit this page to choose an app to see those images.

If you use a Google device such as Nexus, you won’t be able to install the package as the name is same as the Google Camera app. You will need to uninstall the original Google Camera. Furthermore, there is no comprehensive list of compatible devices. It may or may not work on your device. The quality if the image solely depends on the quality of the hardware.

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