You may always want to know, that the used smartphone you bought is rooted, or, you may even want to check if the last root method you tried in your Android smartphone or tablet worked or not. If you want to know if an Android Device is rooted, here we are sharing an idea about it.

know if an Android device is rooted

In most of the Android device, the boot screen will itself let you know if the system has been modified or the bootloader is unlocked. But, to check if you have the root access, you will have to install the app which checks if the Android device has the root access. There are several apps which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, to check whether the Android Device is rooted or know, but here we recommend you to download and install the Root Checker  in your android device. It is probably the best free android root check application. To be precise, if you want to know if you have the SuperUser access in your android device (which means if your phone is rooted), you can install this app. The SU binary is the most common used for the root access in the Android devices, and to check it, this app just works fine. This Root Checker will check and verify if the SU is located in the Android device you are currently using (the mere presence of the SuperUser or similar app in your phone does not guarantee that your Android device has been rooted though).

The process of using this application is also so simple. All you need to do is just to download and install the app form the Google Play Store in you Android device, and then open the application and press on the button which says verify root access. It may ask you to provide the Super User access for the application, and just allow it. You will just be notified by the Root Checker, whether your phone is rooted or not. And please note, this app doesn’t root your Android device, instead, it is just merely to check if your Android device is rooted.


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