Google is now collecting all its Android security-related features and putting them under a new umbrella called the Google Play Protect. All the security features you are already familiar with has a new home.  So what exactly does Google Play Protect do?

Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect was designed as an all in one security pack. Right now, it basically does 3 things – app scanning, browser safety, and device tracking.

Previously, Google used badges to let the users know that the developer is verified signaling that the app is safe. Now, the same thing is done by Google Play Protect and will be mentioned in the badge.  Google Play Protect

Google Play Protect is most importantly a real-time app scanner. It will scan the apps you’re about to install along with the apps that you’ve been using for years. This will be done in the background and you will be notified if something is wrong. According to Google, about 50 million apps are scanned each day form millions of devices across the world. They use their artificial intelligence to collect scan data from all the devices. Because of this, Google will know which app is malfunctioning and behaving unusually. You will be notified if the app is harmful with an option to uninstall it.

However, if you love to sideload apps that are not available on the Play Store, you don’t have to worry about Google Play Protect flagging all of them as malware. But if the sideloaded app is actually harmful, you will be notified.

Google Play Protect settings will be found inside the Google section on the Settings once it is available on your device. Go to Settings > Google > Security > Google Play Protect. You will find a scan history. Tap on it to see the details.

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