Almost nobody uses their PlayStation or Xbox only for playing games. One of the main benefits of consoles is their ability to stream. Here’s how to stream video from Android to Xbox or PlayStation.

Stream video from Android to Xbox or PlayStation

Method 1: Using iMediaShare

You can share videos, music, and photos to an Xbox or PlayStation through iMediaShare app. Here’s how to set it up.

Step 1: Connect devices to the same network. This is necessary in order to share media.

Step 2: Download iMediaShare. Open the app when you’re done. Alternatively, you can use Flipps to do the same work.

Step 3: Choose the device. iMediaShare will automatically detect any connected devices within a distance. Tap on the device you wish to stream to.

Step 4: Open the shared media.Stream video from Android

Method 2: Using AllCast

This method will make you spend some money to eliminate the five minutes viewing limit. Here’s how.

Step 1: If you have Xbox One; install Xbox Video and Xbox Music.

Step 2: If you have Xbox One or Xbox 360, go to Settings and enable Play to.

Step 3: Turn on DLNA Proxy if you have Xbox. Note that All Cast will not detect your Xbox One while you’re playing games. You will need to quit the game first.

Method 3: Using specific media app

Some media apps allow you to stream from Android to Xbox or PlayStation or at least control them through your phone. Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube are some examples. We’ll discuss YouTube here. Here’s how.

Step 1: You will need to update your YouTube app to the latest version for this to work. Head over to Google Play Store and update it if necessary.

Step 2: Open Youtube on Android.

Step 3: Make sure both your console and Android are on the same network.

Step 4: Choose cast on your YouTube app on your Android. if you don’t have it, proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Pair the console and Android. Open the YouTube app on your console and go to Sign In/Settings > Pair Device.

Step 6: Pair the console and TV if necessary. To do so, go to Menu > Setting > Watch on TV > Pair Device with TV and enter the pairing code.

Step 7: Add a screen. You’ll find a TV icon appear on the YouTube player. The color will be blue if you have successfully paired the devices.

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