Wouldn’t it be great if somehow you can figure out what E-mails are being exchanged by someone around? That someone can be your children, spouse, siblings and even employees. Many email spyware apps have been developed for this purpose and this app is one of them. Xnspy is an app that tells You what other people are doing.

Xnspy- An App that Tells You What Other People Are Doing

Here, we have shared the basic guide to getting started with https://xnspy.com

The dashboard:

The app has a dashboard that lets you navigate through the phone of a person. Xnspy gives you access to a web account. Once you log into it, it shows a lot more than just the emails of the target device (the smartphone which you want to monitor).

How to Monitor Emails?

Monitor Emails

1stStep : Visit the Xnspy website and click on ‘Log in’.

2nd Step : Enter your credentials and a dashboard will open up (You will be emailed the credentials at the time of subscribing).

3rd Step : Click on the ‘Phone Log’ menu at your left-hand side.

4th Step : Select ‘Gmail’. You will see a list of all the sent and received emails in the inbox of the person.

5th Step : Click on ‘Read Messages’ below each email address to read the message.

It shows you all the emails sent and received on the Gmail, even the ones which were there in the device prior to the installation of this Gmail Spying App.

Simple Interface:

The interface of Xnspy is pretty simple. Navigating throughout the dashboard is a piece of cake. The tabs are visible which makes everything self-explanatory. So those of you who are parents, will not find any trouble using this app.

What more does it do?

Xnspy is not just a typical Gmail spying app, it actually lets you know what’s going on around you. So, here are some other features that you will get if you purchase the app:

  • Call and Text Monitoring:

Call and Text Monitoring

You can monitor the calls and text messages on the target device. It lets you see the time and date stamps along with each conversation.

  • Location Monitoring:

Location Monitoring

With Xnspy, along with monitoring the current location, you can also view the location history (meaning the places where the person has visited) and get alerts on specific locations. For example, if you don’t want your kid to be around a club/bar or restaurant, you can set alerts on those locations. You will be notified whenever the target device enters that location.

  • Call and Surround Recording:

Call and Surround Recording

This features works with a single remote command. Unlike other spying apps, the quality of the recording is clear.

  • Access Instant Messenger Chats:

Access Instant Messenger Chats

You will be surprised to know that Xnspy even lets you view the instant messenger chats on Facebook, Viber, Line, WhatsApp, Tinder and Skype. You can also view the Instagram photos saved on the target device.

Other features of this Gmail Spying App include:

  • Take screenshots
  • Block apps
  • View photos and videos
  • Monitor browsing activities
  • Get alerts on specific words
  • Check the bookmarks saved by the user

Both iPhone and Android versions available:

Xnspy is available for Android and iPhone users. You won’t have to jailbreak your phone to install it in your iPhone either as Xnspy without jailbreak app and Xnspy with jailbreak app both versions are available.

It comes with a subscription:

On learning about a whole list of unique features, it’s fair to wonder the app must be expensive. Surprisingly, it is cheaper as compared to the other spying apps. It has two subscription packagesbasic and premium. You can either choose to make the payment monthly, quarterly or yearly. The basic edition starts from $8.33 a month and the premium edition starts from $12.49 a month.

Remember one thing, if you want to use this Gmail spying app, you will first need physical access to the target device for installing it in. Once you are done with the installation, then just have to sit back and relax. The app gives you all the information you are seeking for. It’s totally safe to use, the other person won’t even know you are snooping on them because it works in stealth mode.

It’s valuable tool for small businesses that cannot afford to purchase the high-end surveillance systems to keep track of the activities of their employees during the work hours. Even parents can use it to monitor their kids when they are not around. The use of Xnspy is only recommended for legal monitoring and the person you are monitoring should know about it too.

Is it worth it?

Xnspy is offering almost the same features as all other spying apps these days but it is actually value for your money. Most of its features work exactly the way they are explained. It does not slow down the performance of the target device nor does it breaks its invisibility cloak.

So, how do you find this app. Interesting, right? Let us know in comment section below.

                                                                                                            – Written By: Amanda Jordan

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