Gone are the days of bulky cookbooks; mobile apps have taken over the kitchen. If you have the right app on your mobile device, you instantly get access to tons of mouthwatering food recipes. This guide is here to help you pick the right one. Here are the best recipe apps.

Best Recipe Apps


Best Recipe Apps Tasty app is one of the popular recipe apps and delivers fast, simple and delicious recipes with engaging videos that provide an outstanding and effective visual how-to. The search function lets you find recipes that are just perfect for a certain ingredient, food, or social event in Tasty’s library with more than 3000 recipes. Filters help you drill into vegan, gluten-free, and other advanced recipes.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Best Recipe Apps Allrecipes Dinner Spinner utilizes a cool spinning mechanism to allow users to discover the kind of recipe they want. A collection of “spinners” allows users to look up the kind of food, the primary ingredient, and the time they need to prepare. Allrecipes then produces a selection of recipes that suit the criteria, with comprehensive guidelines and images. In addition to the dinner spinner, the app also serves as a recipe tray, a grocery list and much more.

Yummly Recipes & Shopping List

Best Recipe Apps Instead of wading through tons of recipes to select the one, Yummly takes your dietary preferences and tastes into account to help you find recipes that may be of appeal to you. After you’ve selected five (and inserted any dietary restrictions), Yummly utilizes this data to systematically refine the list of recipes to be featured every time you open the app. You can save your favorite dishes, create quick grocery lists, or even order your grocery lists for delivery from Instacart.


Best Recipe Apps With more than 350,000 recipes that can be searched by keyword, course, ingredient or list, BigOven offers excellent recipe management tools for both free and paid users. The leftover feature lets you add up to 10 ingredients on your pantry, with an app that recommends a variety of recipes for you. You’ll even get a calendar menu and a grocery list to allow you to stay coordinated. Recipe Scan helps users to upload images of hand-written or typed recipes and have BigOven write them for you.


Best Recipe Apps If you’re searching for new recipes, try out Epicurious, which has more than 35,000 recipes organized into handy categories. Recipe search and lists make it a simple browsing and discovery tool, and a digital recipe bin helps you save your favorite recipes. The features include seasonal recipe sets, a seasonal ingredient finder, a hands-free cooking function and a smart timer that comes with the support for Apple Watch.

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