There are a lot of fitness trackers out there with tons of compatible apps to track your weight, diet, etc. Finding the right device for the right job can be difficult and you may end up owning a lot of trackers. Keeping that in mind, Google created a tracker that can fit everything in one place. Google Fit can link to most of the fitness trackers out there and is continuously expanding its support. Right now, Google Fit supports 43 different apps. It supports devices like Nike +, Withings and apps like Map My Run, Endomondo and Under Armour Record. Google Fit will let you choose from whooping 120 different activities.Change Height and Weight in Google Fit

If you find the tracker you are using is automatically guessing your activities incorrectly and giving you the wrong data you might as well start using Google Fit. But before you start your fitness journey with Google Fit, you need to set up your hight and weight for accurate results. You can change them easily. Here’s how to change Height and Weight in Google Fit.

Change Height and Weight in Google Fit

Follow the steps below;Change Height and Weight in Google Fit

Step 1: Open Google Fit app.

Step 2: Find the Profile tab. It is located at the bottom of the screen. Tap on it.

Step 3: Tap Weight to enter the correct weight and tap on Height to enter the correct height.

Step 4: Make sure you’ve entered the correct numbers. Tap OK located at the bottom right corner when prompted by the pop-up.

After this simple modification, you can now begin your fitness journey. You can change these anytime you like. Even if you see the slightest change, feel free to change the numbers. Google Fit is a great tool that unites tons of trackers and supports a lot of devices.

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