Root privilege is really very useful, for several purposes in android, especially if you are a geek and you love to play with your Android device and customize it the way you like. You can feel the perks of root in android only if you root your device, though there are some downsides too. And here is the point, if you are one of the geeks, and have your Android device rooted, you are surely feeling its privilege. But, there are some cases that some apps may not work in your device if they detect you have the root access. To be more clear, some apps refuse to run in a rooted device. This is an occasional case, but still, you may want to overcome it. If you’re the one who is not being able to run an useful app because you’ve had your device rooted, you need not to think about unrooting or else, since there is a solution to it. The solution is all about to hide root access from apps that detect root on android, and here we are sharing the method (the app, to be precise) to do it.

Hide Root Access from Apps

There is an app, Hide my Root available in the Google Play Store which you can download and install for free in your device. The first thing you’ll be required to do is to download and install the Hide my Root from the Google Play store in your device. After you have it installed it in your device, open this app whenever you encounter an app that refuses to install or run because it has detected that you are rooted. Hit the Hide su binary option and the superuser binary associated with rooting will be obfuscated, allowing you to run just about any app you want. Some apps will still detect your root, but the problem will be far less complicated than before. There will also be cases when you’ll be required to uninstall the SU app from your device. But you need not to worry, you can install it back anytime you need it from the Google Play. You can also have the option to set a password in this app, which will help you increase your security.

This is an ad supporter app and you can anytime upgrade it to ad-free version with the payment of just £0.99. Enjoy the process to Hide Root Access from Apps that detect root on your Android, and feel the privilege. You can see our article on advantages and disadvantages of rooting your android device, if you want to know more about rooting.


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