Android OS Root: similar to the Jailbreaking of iOS, running programs as administrators in Windows, or running a command with sudo in Linux; is the process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets, and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to attain privileged control (known as “root access”) within Android’s sub-system.

Rooting is often done to overcome the application limitations, to overclock, to flash the kernels and custom ROMs and many other purposes. Lets discuss about the positive and negative aspects, or to be more precise, the advantages and disadvantages of the  android OS root of smartphones or tablets:

android os root

Why should you root your device
Here are some reasons for you to root your android device:

  1. Overcome the limitations you have for the applications by getting root access (install the incompatible apps).
  2. Boost your phone’s speed, battery life and performance by overclocking or underclocking the CPU, as per your requirement.
  3. Remove the preinstalled bloatwares or gimmicks in your phone or tablet, and free the internal memory.
  4. Flash the Kernels and Custom ROMs, and update the OS of your phone. This will make you enjoy the latest version even if your manufacturer hasn’t officially provided the update.
  5. Back up the phone and block the ads you don’t want.
  6. Own your phone fully, since you can make major system changes in your device once you get the root access.

rooted android phone

Why should you not root your device
There are some disadvantages too, as listed below:

  1. This will void your phone’s warranty, and be ready for it.
  2. Your phone might get bricked, since the root method you use may always not be reliable. It means, your phone may even be damaged, disturbing the codes with which your phone operates.
  3. The malwares and other spams floating out there can easily breach your phone’s security. These can enter your phone by any way, through the internet or other applications too.

Cautions to remember
If you want to root your phone despite its disadvantages and want to take control over your phone, you need to do a proper research before rooting. Be sure you flash the proper file. Go to the dedicated forums, and understand the terms and conditions in a proper manner. After you have your phone rooted, install proper malware or spamware in your Android.

Good luck with your rooting!



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