You may have come across restrictions such as “not compatible with your device” while you’re trying to download an app on Google Play. This happens because developers have built those app for certain phones or tablets, or some apps are only allowed to be installed in certain countries. However some of these restricted apps may run just fine on the devices which are marked “incompatible” on the Google Play. You can download such apps from 3rd party sources but doing so is not always safe and secure. In such case, there are certain tricks to bypass such restrictions which we’re going to talk about in this tutorial. These tricks are not supported by Google Play as they require fooling Google Play.

Process to Install Incompatible Apps on Android from Google Play:

Bypassing Device Restrictions:
All Android devices include a file called “build.prop” which identifies the model of your device. You can edit the build.prop file, for this your device should be rooted. Which make your device look like a different entirely.

Editing build.prop is a risky task. If you edit something unintentionally, you can end up with a bricked device. To avoid this we can use an app called “Market Helper” to spoof the model number without editing the build.prop file. It’s much easier, faster, and safer than manually editing build.prop file. Market Helper is not available is Google play so you have to download and install it manually from the developer’s site. After installing it, you’ll be able to spoof your device to a popular and powerful devices such as Samsung Galaxy S3 or a HTC One X. To revert the changes, you can simply restart your device. Keep in mind that the apps marked “incompatible” on Google Play may actually be incompatible.

build.prop          How to Install Incompatible Apps on Android from Google Play

Bypassing Country Restrictions:
Some apps are restricted to be used only in a certain country. You cannot download these app from Google Play if you’re outside a particular country. There are 2 methods for installing a country restricted app. Either method need you to clear the cache of Google Play to work as intended.

Method 1: Use a VPN
VPN can be used to fool google into thinking your device is in another country. This may only work on devices without cellular connectivity. VPN app like “VPN Unlimited” can be used for this trick.

Method 2: Use Market Enabler
Market Enabler app will fool google about your device’s location even if your device have cellular connectivity. This trick requires root access. This app allows you to spoof your device to other network carrier making you device to be on a carrier in another country. For example, selecting T-Mobile will you’re your device look like it is on T-Mobile in the USA.

Market Enabler Screenshot

Links for:
Market Helper
VPN Unlimited
Market Enabler


  1. i am using huawei honor 8 and i want to use it with gear s3 with full compatibility. i am unable to install the samsung app store. so i tried market helper to change my phone to a samsung phone but it is saying account not available. help with this please


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