We’ve recently posted the tricks you can use to fool PlayStore which lets you download incompatible apps and country-restricted apps. However those tricks may not work every time and is rather difficult to accomplish. Don’t worry and forget all about the previous tutorial. Here in this tutorial we’ll be talking about an app that will let you download apps’ APK directly to your device for you to install. Apk Downloader Extension by Jackpf is a free app available on the PlayStore which uses the share feature of PlayStore or any other app to download the APK. This app will work on any app that’ll let you open a URL with its Share feature. All you have to do is let it connect to your Google account. How exactly we’ll use this app to download apps is explained in detail below.

Steps to bypass all playstore restrictions to download apps:

  1. Open PlayStore and search for an incompatible or restricted app.
  2. Tap the app link.
  3. On the app’s download page click on share button.

    Bypass all playstore restrictions to download incompatible apps with Apk Downloader Extension

  4. Select Apk Downloader Extension.
  5. After the downloader opens, you’ll see the package name of the app you’re going to download (it look like com.google.xyz.abc).package_full
  6. Tap on Get button.
  7. The download will start and you’ll be able to see the progress if you pull down your notification bar.

If you cannot find the incompatible or restricted app you wanted on the PlayStore (many time you won’t) , follow the steps below.

  1. Open your preferred browser.
  2. Search for the PlayStore link of the app you want on Google. Search like XYZ Apps PlayStore.
  3. Open the PlayStore link.
  4. Long press on the Address bar (URL is displayed here) and click on share.
  5. Select Apk Downloader Extension.
  6. Tap on Get button.
  7. You’re download will start.

This app will not show any notification or toast message to indicate that the download has started so if you have pressed the Get button many times, the app will be downloaded that many times. Once the download is completed, the APKs will be listed on the app’s home screen. APK Downloader Extension will not install the downloaded app by default but you can change this in its settings. You can even change the country or language and is will download apps accordingly. You’re mobile carrier can be changed too. This app is great and is as simple as it can get. No more using VPN or editing build.prop. Downloading your favourite app is just some click away.


  1. Cannot download Netflix app with that way.
    com.netflix.ninja name comes out as Package name but displays

    Api exception: App not found

    Any workaround for Netflix app?

    • Same issue here with Leboncoin (France). Changed country and locale settings to “fr” but still gives “Api exception: App not found”


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