Do you use a word which in not in the regular dictionary frequently in your android phone? Maybe you need to type your email ID a lot. Or your phone number. Typing long phases over and over again is a stressful and rather annoying task. Well, there’s a good news for you guys. Did you know you can create personal dictionary full of words or phrases that is not available in a normal dictionary in your smartphone? On a 3rd party keyboard apps, the words you use are automatically stored in its database, but the stock keyboard doesn’t. You have to manually do it and that is what this tutorial teaches.

Follow the steps below to Create Personal Dictionary and Assign Keyboard Shortcuts.

1. Open System Settings. You can find it inside your app drawer or pull down your Notification Bar and tap on Android setting gear “Gear” icon. 2. Scroll down until you find Language and Input. Click on it.Creating Personal Dictionary on Android 3. Click on Personal Dictionary.Assigning Keyboard Shortcuts on Android smartphone 4. Click on “+” icon.personaldictionary1 5. Type the word or phrase you want your keyboard to remember in the Phase box. Assign Keyboard Shortcuts to this word or phrase in the Shortcut box. Click Save (if you don’t see Save button, press Back button and It’ll automatically save).personaldictionary: Assigning Keyboard Shortcuts & Creating Personal Dictionary on Android 6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 if you want to add more words or phrase.

Now here’s how you’ll use the words or phrase you’ve created with the shortcut you’ve assigned to it.

1. Open an app where you can use your keyboard. 2. Type your shortcut and you will see the word you’ve assigned on the suggestion bar.wordtest1 3. Tap on the suggestion box or hit spacebar to input the word.wordtest2 This is a fairly simple tutorial on creating your personal dictionary and save some words or phrases on it. But you don’t even have to do this if you install a 3rd party keyboard app. They will automatically learn the words you use and even import words form your contacts or social networks.


  1. Actually yes, you can. You can use an app such as Clipper, which saves all your copied words and later recovers the content whenever you need it. Through the app, write the data in your external storage (a microSD card), and move it to your another phone.

  2. I don’t have the personal directory options on my Samsung Galaxy s4 mini. My phone doesn’t even suggest my own name when I begin to type it. Very frustrating. All software is up to date. What can I do?


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