Installing each of our previous app one by one from Google Play Store whenever you replace your device can be tiresome. When you get a shiny new device, all you get is useless bloatware; it’s up to you to install all you useful app that you were using previously. Here’s how to install multiple apps on Android.

Install Multiple Apps on Android

Before you begin, note that you’ll need the APK of all the apps you are going to install. You can Google the APK for each app and save them for future use. You can also use APKMania to get all the APKs. However, it may be illegal to get APKs of paid apps this way.

Now that you have all the APKs you need, let’s begin.

The app we are going to use for this purpose is APK Installer. Download the app from Google Play Store. Open the app and you will be greeted with a colorful home screen. APK Installer will automatically scan your storage for APK files and present you with a list. If the app is already installed, the app will notify you.Install Multiple Apps on Android

Tap on Install APKs button and select the ones you want to install. Tap on Install APKs button located at the bottom to begin installing. If you get a warning saying unknown sources have been turned off or something similar, tap on the Settings and enable Unknown Sources. The system will now let the app install APKs.

The app will do its work. The time it will take to install all the app depends on how many apps you’re trying to install.

Beside batch installing the apps, APK Installer can also uninstall, manage and scan all the apps.

If you have a lot of apps to deal with, downloading the APKs and moving them to your device is time-consuming. You can directly install from your PC. There’s a desktop version of APK Installer too. Follow this link to get the desktop version.Install Multiple Apps on Android

Download and install the app and launch it. Open the app on your Android too. Select PC Version. You should see Enabled at the side of ADB (USB Debugging). If you don’t, you need to enable it from Developer Options. Make sure your Android is connected to your PC via USB cable.

When you launch the app on Desktop, the drivers should automatically install. You can get the drivers from here in case it didn’t. Choose the manufacturer of the device and reboot your PC if it fails to recognize.

Click on Tools located at the bottom and click on Open APK file. Select all the apps you want to install. Click on Install to begin the process.

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  1. Good Post. Thanks for it. I was finding this idea to install multiple applications in my android mobile. but I know! We can install multiple applications right? like excluding WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc, another applications… ?


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