You can check the commands you’ve given and the replies you got from Google Assistant. You can also hear the audio recordings. Here is how you can check Google Assistant history.

Check Google Assistant history

You can primarily do this in two ways – via the Google Home app and via the Web. We’ll start with the easiest way; using Google Home app.

Check Google Assistant history using Google Home

The process is simple as it can get. You have to open the Google Home app and find the hamburger menu icon. If you do not know what a hamburger menu icon is, it is an icon with 3 horizontal lines that looks like a hamburger.Check Google Assistant history

Tap on it and you’ll see a drop-down list with some options. Tap on the one saying “My Activity”. This will immediately show you all the interactions between you and Google Assistant.

Check Google Assistant’s history using the Web

This one is not that difficult either. You can see your entire Google history with this method. You can start by going to You’ll find your entire Google history there. To filter out Google Assistant’s history only, click on the plus button located right under the search bar. Choose Google Assistant and then click on the search button.

Both of the methods will do the same work. It’s up to you to choose the most convenient one. You can get the details about each query and find out when, where and how it was issued.Check Google Assistant history

you can listen to the recordings if the history is from Google Home. Going through the history may be sometimes helpful in figuring out why Google Assistant keeps on mishearing you. When you have two devices, one device may be interpreting your command and the intended device may not. If the device receiving your command is kept in a distance, all it may have heard is an echo.

You can also delete any or all history or choose to not store them in the first place.

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