You can get a personal Google number and use it to make cheap international calls using Google Voice. It also has a good voice mail service that we will show you how to set up. To learn more about this service, head over to Google Voice’s official site. This tutorial will focus on 2 major things – Getting a Google number and Setting up Google Voicemail. Here’s how to get Google number and setup Google Voicemail.

Get Google Number

Getting a Google number only takes a few minutes of your time. However, Google number may not be available for every country, but you can overcome this by using a good VPN service. Follow the steps below to get a Google Number;

Step 1: Go to Google Voice’s official site on your PC. You may need to login to continue.

get Google number


Step 2: Click on I want a new number.

Step 3: Select a Google number.

Step 4: Enter a PIN, check the terms and privacy policy check box and then click on Continue.

Step 5: Enter the number you want to forward calls to.

Step 6: You’ll get to Verify Your Phone popup. There, click on Call Me Now. You will receive a call from Google Voice. Enter the code shown on the popup and you will be verified.

Set up Voicemail

Step 1: Download the Google Voice app from the Google Play Store.

Get Google Number



Step 2: Open the app and tap on Next.

Step 3: Sign in if you have to.

Step 4: Tap on Next.

Step 5: When on Making Calls with Google Voice screen, select your preferred option.

Step 6: Tap on Next when on Set up voicemail screen.

Step 7: Tap on Configure.

Step 8: When you receive a pop-up, tap on Allow.

Step 9: Select Google Voice when you get Voicemail service popup.

Step 10: The inbox will now sync and after its done, you will see all your voicemails.

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