Screenshots have become an important feature in Android devices. Nowadays, every smartphone has the built-in feature to capture and share screenshots. Capturing a screen has been pretty much simpler nowadays. Just press the button combination on your smartphone and you have the shot of the screen automatically saved in your gallery. But the hassle today is to capture scrolling screenshots. Except some smartphones in the market, most of the Android devices don’t let you take long screenshots or the scrolling screenshots. Also, there are only few apps on the Google Play market that allow you to take multiple screenshots and manually stitch them together.

Capture scrolling screenshots - ImageLong screenshots were first introduced by Xiaomi in MIUI. Now many smartphones like Galaxy S8, Gionee S6S, etc., have followed up the suit. However, this doesn’t mean that if the feature isn’t baked in the Android device, you cannot use it. You can use a third-party app to let you take scrolling screenshots.

Capture scrolling screenshots with some of these apps

#1 Stitch & Share: big screenshot

As a person fond of taking screenshots, I would recommend Stitch & Share. Unlike other apps, Stitch and Share automatically stitches the screenshots taken for you. Download and install Stitch & Share from market and start capturing scrolling screenshots. See the step-by-step video to start capturing scrolling screenshots on your device.

  • Screenshot the screen to be captured
  • Scroll down within the app. Keep a small portion of what was visible in first screenshot and capture next screenshot
  • Repeat until you have finished capturing all the screens you desire
  • Swipe down notification panel
  • Tap the Stitch & Share notification
  • Tap the green arrow icon to save or share your screenshot

Capture scrolling screenshots - Stitch & ShareIf the generated screenshot doesn’t align properly, you can always edit from within the app too. Download Stitch & Share: big screenshot here.

#2 Scroll Capture for Web

Scroll Capture for Web is another app you can try to capture scrolling screenshots of a desired webpage. However, this app works with only webpages. After you’ve downloaded and installed the application, follow the steps below to take the screenshot.

  • Launch the application. You will find a web browser interface.
  • Enter the URL to take screenshot of. The interface is for screenshot purpose only. So, make sure to enter the full URL.
  • Tap on the capture button after the website loads. The app will then automatically screenshot the whole webpage

Capture scrolling screenshots - Scroll for Web

Download Scroll Capture for Web here.

#3 LongShot

Another app to capture scrolling screenshots is LongShot. LongShot has a user-friendly interface with three basic functions: Capture Screenshot, Capture Web Page, Select Images. Here is how you take screenshots in LongShot.

  • To take a new screenshot, tap on “Capture Screenshot”
  • Launch the app you want to take screenshot of
  • Tap on Start button
  • Scroll the page slowly until you reach the end of your screenshot
  • Hit ‘Done and app will combine the screenshotsCapture scrolling screenshots - LongShot

Download LongShot here.

Now you can take scrolling screenshots without any hassle. If you’re not satisfied with the apps mentioned, you can also try other apps from the Play Store. Let us know which app you used to capture scrolling screenshots in your Android device.

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