We all know that iTunes is the default app that is used to transfer photos, music and videos. But do you know that there are some of the apps that does the same job as itunes and even more than itunes. You don’t have to worry about carrying the data cable everywhere or say your friend to install itunes on their computer. AirMore is one such free app that helps to Transfer Music/Photos/Videos from computer to iPhone without iTunes or you can say wirelessly. Finally all iOS users are able to transfer anything just in a few minutes without any tension.

Transfer Music/Photos/Videos from computer to iPhone without iTunes

[quote bcolor=”#bfcfde”]Note: Your iPhone and Computer should be connected to same Wi-FI network.[/quote]

Beginning Process:

  • First you need to have AirMore installed in your device.
  • Go to App Store and download the application.

Process of connecting iPhone to AirMore web:

  • Now open the app on your iPhone and also go to airmore.com on your computer.
  • Once you are in airmore.com, you will see a button which says “Launch AirMore Web To Connect” >> Click on it.
  • You will see QR Code and Radar option on the screen >> Choose as per your wish.

For QR code:

QR code

  • You will see QR code on the screen of the computer
  • Click on scan to connect on your iPhone and scan the QR code of the computer screen.

For Radar:


  • Once you click on Radar option, it will scan available iPhone within the network connection.
  • Click your iPhone icon that you see on the Radar also click Accept option when you get the request on your iPhone.

Now, AirMore will automatically connect to your iPhone.

Process of transferring Music/Photos/Videos:

Process of transferring Music/Photos/Videos

  • You will see many options on the left side of your computer screen.
  • Click on music option >> On the top of the screen you will see import option >> Click on it.
  • Now you can choose the music as you like and it will be saved on your iPhone.

Similarly, Click on Picture or video and do the same process as mentioned above to transfer Photos and Videos from computer to iPhone without iTunes.

You can also transfer documents, files and other many things from computer to iPhone and vice versa. That means, now you can transfer Music/Photos/Videos from iPhone to computer using same process. So, this is quite amazing and convenient method for every iPhone users. The most interesting thing is that the app works perfectly fine with iPod touch and iPad.

[quote bcolor=”purple”]Tips:

  • You can transfer Music/Photos/Videos from iPhone to your computer using Export option.
  • You can view, search and delete the items directly from your computer while doing the process.  [/quote]

So, AirMore is Pretty amazing app that helps to transfer Music/Photos/Videos from computer to iPhone and vice versa without iTunes. It doesn’t limit there, instead there are so many features that you will be surprised to see. Just use the app.

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