It is certain to have a mini heart attack when you accidentally drop your smartphone in water. Whether it be in the pool or the toilet, once the device falls in the water, it becomes hard to fix water damage. Most of us clearly lose the hope to revive the smartphone again. But what if you were to know that the water damage can be fixed?

Water damage can cause significant problems with the electronic devices as it can harm the internal circuitry. Not only that, water damage may leave your phone inoperable too. The first and foremost rule to fix water damage on your smartphone is: DON’T PANIC! After you’ve followed this rule, you can try out steps below to recover water damaged phone.

Fix Water Damage


  • Do not try to turn on your device as this may lead to circuit damage in the phone
  • Don’t blow in the phone. This can send water into internal parts of the phone
  • Don’t plug it in or press any keys or buttons
  • Try not to move, tap or shake the phone
  • Don’t heat the device

Here’s what you should do to fix the water damaged phone.

Step 1: Turn off the device

If your phone isn’t off even after it’s dive in the water, turn it off.  Electric components don’t go well with water so it’s better to turn off your device.

[quote]To turn off your phone simply Press and Hold the power button and then Press Power Off”[/quote]

Step 2: Disassemble the device

Remove every user-removable part of your phone. If your phone has any protective covering, remove them. Also, don’t forget to remove the battery, SIM Card(s) and SD Card. Note that removing battery won’t be feasible with all the phone models.

Step 3: Dry up your device

Fix Water Damage - Dry DeviceThe next step is to dry up your smartphone. You can use paper towel to dry the exterior parts of your phone. Gently dry your device too. Try not to move your device too much. You can also use a vacuum cleaner for hard-to-reach areas. The vacuum cleaner suctions out some portion of water from the device. Make sure you don’t use a big vacuum cleaner for this purpose.

Now towards the difficult part of the task. During this step, you will not be able to use your phone for 2-3 days. Leave the phone in a dry environment. You can just put your device on top of the counter or a drawer. But make sure you don’t use your device until it’s time. Some people also practice placing the phone in a bag full of rice and leave it for a day or two. This dryer environment helps your device to dry up pretty soon. You can also use Silica Gel Packs instead of rice to fix water damage on your Smartphones.

Step 4: Test your device

After few days, take your phone out of the Ziploc bag and reassemble it. Turn on your device and try using it. If it doesn’t start, try charging your device or using a replacement battery. But if your phone survived, keep a close eye on your device for few days. Make a call or play the music to check the speakers. Also, ensure that the touch screen and other hardware components responds as it should.

Hopefully, these steps have rescued your phone. But if not, take it to a professional. Next time do not go to the pool or take your phone to the toilet. Try investing in a waterproof phone case or a water-resistant smartphone itself. After all Prevention is better than cure!

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