One major complaint about Android smartphones is how quickly you run out of storage. The major culprits are those social media apps that take 100 MB+ over time. Most of us use more than 3 – 4 social media apps that overtime deplete your storage. Most of the devices come with expandable storage, but those budget phones are stuck with the storage that is limited. So how do you solve this problem? Use lite app of course. But there is a slight problem. Most of the apps we use do not have a lite version. However, there is an app that aims at providing lite app browser for some of the heavy apps. Here’s how to get more storage with Hermit.

Get More Storage

Hermit is a free and light app with only just 2 MB in size. That is close to nothing compared to all the 100 MB + apps that are currently sitting in your app drawer. Hermit basically replaces all the popular but heavy social media apps with lite alternatives. It even lets you create shortcuts so that you can tap and open up the apps right from your home screen. Even though browsers like Chrome offer this feature, Hermit already has most of the apps making it easier for you to access. All you have to do is tap on the icon and you’re good to go.get more storage

Although this article is focused around social media app; Hermit is not limited to it. You can replace many news apps, educational apps, and forums. Moreover, the web apps that Hermit create as a built-in ad blocker to those annoying ads away from you. Browsing during night time won’t strain your eyes as it has built-in night mode. And the best thing about Hermit is that is the app you want doesn’t appear on the list of pre-built apps, you can create your own. Just tap on Create Your Own, type in the URL and set a name.

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