Many of us don’t know about Spotify’s “Extreme” sound quality. Setting the quality to the extreme will stream the music in the highest quality Spotify offers its users. However, you need to be a premium user to be able to use this setting. Is say for $9.99 per month, it is a good bargain. Here’s how to make sound on Spotify better.

Make sound on Spotify better

By default, the quality of music is set to “Automatic”. This setting adapts to the network speed and signal quality and sets the quality based on that. If you have a strong connection and good speed, it likely that Spotify is streaming sound at extreme quality but we have no way to be sure. To set the stream quality to Extreme, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open Spotify app.

Step 2: Go to its settings. To do so, tap on Your Library on the bottom of the home screen and then on the gear icon located on the top right.

Step 3: Inside Settings, scroll down till you find Music Quality. Tap on it.make sound on Spotify better

Step 4: Change Automatic Quality to Extreme Quality.

Step 5: Also, change the Download to Extreme.

The normal quality streams at 96kbps which may cause heavy bass tracks to sound unsatisfying. The high quality which streams at 160kbps makes it sound better. However, the extreme quality streams at 320kbps what make the music sound clearer and rich. Setting the stream quality to the extreme will affect your data usage. It will use a lot more data compared to the normal quality. But, if that doesn’t concern you, enjoy your music at the extreme quality. At monthly $9.99 and a good pair of headphones, you can experience the clarity in the music you hear.

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