Google went to their drawing board to come up with an entirely new launcher for their Pixel devices. They included some cool features such as swipe up to open the app drawer rather than traditional drawer icon and an entire homepage dedicated to Google search. We’ve already shown you how to get complete Pixel look on your Marshmallow devices but this one is dedicated to getting only the launcher and its frosted dock look. Here’s how to get frosted dock background on Marshmallow.

Get Frosted Dock Background on Marshmallow

The frosted dock background, just like on iPhone, is a visual cue for the new swipe gesture to open the app drawer. Plus, it looks beautiful. You may have noticed that when you’re using so-called Pixel Launcher on your device, you don’t get the frosted look(update: you can get them now). However, it is not entirely impossible. Developer matteo915 has created a Xposed module to add a frosted dock background on Android devices running on Marshmallow. Follow the guide below to know how.get Frosted Dock Background

What you need

A rooted device is a must. If your device doesn’t have root access, Google or search our site to learn the procedure. Also, you need to have Xposed Framework installed and Unknown sources enabled. And more importantly, your device must be running on Marshmallow. This guide will not work on other Android versions.


Once the prerequisites have been taken care of, it’s time to install the dock. Open the Xposed Installer app and head over to the download section and search for Pixel Dock. Tap on the top result and then swipe over to the Versions tab. Tap on the Download button and then tap Install. Once everything is done, activate the module.get Frosted Dock Background

Now, head over to your app drawer and open up Pixel Dock app. there, tap on Choose Color button and use the sliders to adjust the color and transparency. Once you’ve done adjusting everything, tap on Force Stop when prompted to restart the app.

Now you can enjoy your new Pixel Launcher. The frosted background makes it easier for you to know that the dock opens upwards.

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